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    ive just come inside after giving Harley and lily their goodnight treat and ive been bitten about 7 times by mosquitos.

    i looked at lily she had one on her face and 2 on her ears and a couple on her body.

    i lit a few coils to shoo them away and placed them out of reach

    i didnt know what else to do so i put some off on my hands and rubbed it into their bodies and ears (off says suitable for babies +12months so i guessed it should be ok)

    is there a proper dog repellent and what harm can mozzys do apart from heartworm (they are up to date with hw treatment)

    i know they must get itchy and i have felt lumps on lily

    poor babies i would have them inside but they are filthy with all the rain we had recently and to put it simpily they stink

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    My dog gets itchy. I don't know if there have been many studies on what dogs can get via mozzies but I imagine that there are many diseases known for humans and rabbits that are spread by mozzies that there would be some nasties for dogs too.

    I find the best thing is that plug in mozzie pad. Mozzie coils are ok but you need to light one for each wind direction ie North, East, South, and West.

    Mozzie bites can also get infected. Aloe vera helps. I use voltaren gel on mine though not keen to use that on the dog as it is very toxic.

    I think surface spray may slow them down as well though I would not put that on the floor or the walls of a kennel but under the eaves on the outside and in the roof I would.

    And some herbs are supposed to repel them - but I've had no personal success with that. I've got some supposed mozzie repellant that smells strongly of rosemary and sandlewood - yummy but not sure about the repellant quality.

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    we use "advantix" spot on the neck once a month stuff (like frontline) for fleas and ticks. It claims to repell and kill mozzies also- and I do think it wks as Roscoe sleeps outside and we have a lot of mossies....

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    Our dogs sleep inside and on our screened verandah's....but the mosquitoes are unbearable her too. I have all sort of plants growing to prevent them LOL, not working.....
    Katy has some bite on her and she scratched them. I now cover them with Betadine.

    Using advantix on my newfs would cost a fortune and we do not have ticks and fleas, just mozzies
    Pets are forever

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    Default thanks

    i feel so bad for the litte guys.

    tonight the mozzies arnt so bad thankfully but i will be goin down to the hardware store and get some kind of zapper or killer or something.

    ive got some frontline there ill put that on them ive just been waiting for a sunny day so i can bath them first.

    lily has a few bites and things so ive just put some aloe on them hopefully that settles them. it has worked for me lol.

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    We have a lot of mosquitoes here, but they don't bother the dog. That or she just doesn't feel the itch like we do.

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    My old dog Beau used to have a severe reaction to Mozzie bites.

    The Vet said that mozzie repellant is fine to use on them. Its become routine for the kids and dogs to get sprayed before they go play outside. Kimbas fur is so short they get her really bad. Our yard is too big for any plug ins to work.

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