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Thread: Qualifications for Animal Chiropractors

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    Default Qualifications for Animal Chiropractors

    Hi folks,

    Just wondering whether anyone has had problems with people claiming to be animal chiropractors, yet have no qualifications? Apparently anyone can call themselves an animal chiro and claim to be self taught...and there is no law against it ??!! They don't have to be registered with any vet organization, and therefore, are never insured.

    According to what I know, to be a qualified and registered animal chiro, one must either have a degree in vet science, then a further degree in animal chiro...or, have a human chiro degree, then a further degree in animal chiro. That adds up to about 8 years Uni study, does it not?

    Can someone correct me if I'm wrong here? The reason I mention is it that I've heard a few stories of ppl taking their animals to someone self taught, with disastrous outcomes, and no recourse because the practitioner had no indemnity insurance. Scary business!!

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    There is a animal chiro and acupuncturist in Adelaide but he is also a fully qualified vet and did specific training.

    But I think you're right there are no regulation of animal chiros, naturopaths, nutritionists, groomers, trainers etc etc.

    Best you'd get them with is fraud ie pretending to be something they're not. It's up to you to ask the right questions and check qualifications.

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