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Thread: Roo Meat??

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    Question Roo Meat??

    Hey there,

    As you all know just relocated to Tasmania and we have the permits etc to hunt Roo. So ill be feeding my dogs Roo from now on however im warried about its SO high in protian... Ill still have there dry food, fish oil tables and crap with it.... what you think? Yes or No to Roo?

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    Kangaroo meat is a good high quality dog food but it lacks fat content which is important for a high performance or very active dog or working breed. It also like many other types of game meat has a bad odor in a kennel environment.

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    If I had a ready source of fresh roo, I think I'd buy a dehydrator and make roo strips of dehydrated roo for dog chews.

    I know a few people who feed roo raw to their dogs - about 400gm per day for a curly coat retriever (think skinny black lab with a ringlet perm). I sometimes use the cryo pack mince from the supermarket (human grade) to make my dog's casserole.

    Some dogs are allergic.

    You may want to include it with with something else like beef marrow bones and vegies. Maybe start with introducing a small amount and build it up, reducing the dry down to about 1/4 what you feed now and see how your dog goes.

    I think there are canine nutritionists out there that can advise you better.

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