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Thread: Pet Insurance??

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    Question Pet Insurance??

    hi all! sorry if there have already been threads on this topic but just wanted to ask if pet insurance is really worth it??
    i have a 10 week old blue pedigree staffordshire bull terrier (apparently blues have more issues) but he has no signs of any health or skin issues as yet. he was bred very well and his family history all seems to be great (as far as i know)
    so not sure if pet insurance would be worth it,or just a waste of money??
    would love to hear from you, cheers

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    Firstly hello and welcome and its a must that you give us photos of said Blue Stafford

    I went the Insurance route once and to be honest found it a complete and utter waste of time and money.
    We now pay as regular as we can directly into our vets account. It means that should the need arise for emergency we're mostly covered and if not our vet is then happy to extend an account because of our arrangements.

    Other ways are a credit card especially and only for vet costs as well as a banking account per the same.
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    There are threads on this should you look through the pages.
    Some have insurance but others, like Chop said they feel that it is useless. (my thoughts as well)
    Others save weekly or fortnightly to an account of their own as a designated vet fund.
    Others have a credit card on tap. Others are fortunate enough to pay as they go and others find a vet who will let them have a payment plan should it be needed.

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    thanks for the replies
    will try and find those threads, thanks

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    Well, pet insurance is very common thing as people like to carry on pets. Nobody is here to secure your from calamities but now you are able to reduce your losses with the help of pet insurance.
    Now it's your turn to decide the best pet insurance company because it will definitely save you from any danger.

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    I insured one of my dogs as a pup after some big vet bills with a previous dog.

    It was a lucky move- because I then had some big bills covered due to elbow dysplasia and pyometra when she was only 9 months old. The insurance company payed out nearly $5000 for elbow surgery and an emergency hysterectomy. A friend of mine had a $10,000 bill covered recently for some major orthopedic -(hip dysplasia) problems in her 8 month old dog.

    Luck of the draw really. I have 6 dogs and insure 3. I elect a $300 excess to reduce monthly payments. There are lots of snakes where I live and it costs $5000 to treat snakebite.

    But I am already $5000 in front so figured that will pay for a few years of insurance for my dogs!

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    We are with Medibank private for all our dogs.We pay the excess of $500.00 per year per dog, which makes the monthly fee very affordable for three Newfs and a Border cross. One bill of $12,000.00 for orthopedic issues would never be covered even if I paid my vet daily. So I prefer insurance. My friend has had bilateral hips done on his GSD with no issues. If not for insurance the dog might have been PTS ( that bill was $12,000.00)
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    Giving care and concern to our pets can never be a wastage of money and time. I took my pet as my child. I can't see them unhealthy. I always prefer pet insurance for their care and safety.

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