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Thread: My Georgeous Boxer Bella Just Turned 7yrs and Has Been Diagnoised with Lymphoma

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    Default My Georgeous Boxer Bella Just Turned 7yrs and Has Been Diagnoised with Lymphoma

    My baby boxer of 7 years has Lymphoma...

    My baby just turned 7 last Monday sadly a week prior to her birthday she lost her appitite and lost approx 2kg which is
    alot of this lean breed.
    Her stools where black and I had taken her to the vet whom advised she may have internal bleeding due to the black stools
    as they advised its blood that is digested and then comes out black..
    They said it should not be anything serious and advised to feed her chicken and rice and take antibiotics and gastro tablets..

    She did well ate her chicken and rice took her tablets and did recover... or we thought she did
    Until we took her for a walk and the next day her right foot was swollen and the lymph gland was really hard and enlarged
    She wasnt acting right kind of panting when it wasnt really hot or she didnt run around she was limping and immediatly I took
    her to the vet something wasnt right...

    They checked her out again and said she does seem very stiff and quiet... A boxer is not quiet nor stiff they are highly happy
    active loud and proud pups... she then advised that she may have sprained her leg and I can get anti inflammatorys...
    Then the vet get her a pat down and realised swollen lymph glands in her chest and jaw which I didnt even notice

    She said when the body is fighting an illness these glands swell just like humans...
    More then likely your dog has cancer as boxers are prone today but with all the symptoms that have occured im positive she has cancer
    I cried... I couldnt believe my baby most healthiest spoilt happy dog has developed this terrible illness...
    The vet did a test and it came back positive to lymphoma
    The vet said dont put her through chemo it takes alot out of them and the quality of life is what your loooking for he saids
    think about what you want to do...

    I didnt go to work I couldnt I was so depressed and upset... the next day Bella found it very hard to breath her entire neck
    has swelled up it was so terrible to see it was all of a sudden its a very very sudden process things where changing every day

    I knew I had to make a move.. so i booked her in with the specialist we spoke for a good 2 hours I had several questions to ask
    The thing most important to me is the quality and happiness i can give to her... I dont want to see her sit there and suffer...

    Currently she takes 2x steroid tablets a day and she had her first shot of chemo yesterday
    Shes a new dog right now playful happy swelling is all down... you look at her and forget that she has this nasty illness inside of her

    I do understand chemo is not a cure.... it only will give her a couple of months then sadly the cancer will fight back
    because it get immune to the dose and fight back even harder....

    I feel so bad that this has happened to her...
    One day I will have to drive her to the vet to say goodbye and bring her home to lay her to rest... as soon as her quality of life
    goes down.. I will sadly have to make this desicion

    She eats high protein at the moment and immune booster vitmains and minerals for dogs to help her keep healthy cells alive
    cottage cheese is a good cancer killer and minimal carbs as cancers feeds off carbs and sugars,.

    If anyone would like to share any knowlege or has been through chemo or cancer in there dog please do post a reply...

    Anything will help me and my baby bella right now...

    I cant imagine my life without this lil bundle of joy she was the runt of the pack thats why I choose her cause shes adorable

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    I am so sorry to hear of this.
    I can give no advice on Lymphoma in dogs, only humans as I have/had lymphoma and chemo etc myself.

    Just sending a hug to you both.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    So sorry for you both, that is such an awful thing to have to go through. I can't give any advice either, only well wishes

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    God bless you.
    It's been a hell of a week for sick, dying & departed fur family. I really feel for each & everyone of you who has posted about very sick pets & loosing pets as I know just how dramatic it can be.
    I have had an older JC have chemo & it did buy her an extra 6wks or so we think & her quality of life was fairly good untill the last week. She ended up having the cancer spread & when she was pts she was riddled with that terrible cruel thing called cancer.
    Enjoy the time you have left & spend as much quality time you can as these are the memories that will mean so much once she is gone. Remember you've done all you can & that once she dose pass she will be pain free & feeling like a puppy all over again & will be there waiting pataintly at the rainbow bridge for you & other loved fur & skin family when your & thier time comes also.
    She's a lucky girl to have had 7 wondeful years with a loving, kind & understanding skin family as yourself, not all dogs are this lucky.
    Hold on to those precious memeries & spend the time you have left making more such memeries.
    I will be thinking of ou & all the other sad posters this week, god bless you & your baby girl.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Thanks for the kind words...

    I really and making the most of every day i feel bad to go to work.. i just wanna stay with her thats all i want to do.. she follows me everywhere even if I go to the bathroom she's sitting outside by the door ready to follow me to the next destination.. she's really attached to me i love her...

    I will keep updating so that people going through similar issues have an idea of what can happen... i want bella to be the miracle dog that over comes this illness and i pray to god she does prove statistics wrong and fights she's a tough lil cookie she can do it!

    For those whom have lost there dogs from lymphoma our babies are still there watching and in our hearts...

    I refuse to believe im going to loose her... well make it through together..

    God bless you all..

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    Sorry to hear about Bella.
    We adopted Murphy, a kelpie cross sheltie, he was 3 when he came to us.
    When he was 5 he was diagnosed with lymphoma. I went to say good night to him one night as he loved to be out side and I noticed his breathing was shallow. Sraight to the vet at 11pm. All his glads were up, they were about the size of peas. Further tests confirmed it. Any way decided against chemo, we were told 2 weeks max without chemo. He lived for 3 months on the steroids. It was the last week he went down quick.
    The glands in his neck kept getting bigger, he dropped weight and was tired.
    He gave me the look and we granted him his wings.
    Thinking of you both.

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    Make memories. I knew my old blue heeler was on his way out.
    I still see him in the memories he made. So hard but so comforting too. It is very good to fight, to want to be the one who beats it but do some insurance of wonderful memories.
    Shads died 2 years ago. I miss him to this day. This Christmas a friend of mine gave me a pillow with his fabric picture on it.
    The 3 I have now I adore but he has his own special place.

    Make memories.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    I am so sorry.....I just lost my beautiful newfie boy Tobias to the same dreadful disease just before Christmas. just live one day at the time and make each day special whilst she feels good. Take care
    Pets are forever

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    Bella, I am so sorry that this has happened to your gorgeous boxer... as you can see, I'm a boxer girl too, and I know it would kill me to not be able to do anything for Rosie.

    I honestly don't know what to say except that I am sending you every positive vibe that Rosie and I can muster for you.

    Sending you and Bella virtual hugs and good wishes...

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    Here is a link to the blog of someone I know whose 7 year old BC went through a 2 year battle with lymphoma. It details her complete journey and treatment and her fight for life.

    Raven, Cypher & Spryte - An Agility Blog

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