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Thread: My Georgeous Boxer Bella Just Turned 7yrs and Has Been Diagnoised with Lymphoma

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    I also send my best to you. I have been through the illness and death of a beloved pet and am currently on tenterhooks over another one. You will get through this regardless of the outcome. Dogs give so much of themselves and they expect nothing in return, that is why it hits us so hard when they get ill. Sending you a great big hug Linda and the pugs.

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    Your all so beautiful...
    Seriously its nice to know you all feel the same about dogs as me they are better then humans there like family and your best friend..

    Somedays I forget she even has it she is acting fantastic at the moment full of energy wanting to play and yes still following me and sleeping with me everynight..

    I have been doing lots of research to find the best foods for her to fight it shes doing alright I just always think that one day I will have to drive her to the vet to say goodbye when she would think mummy is taking her for a walk.. poor baby if only she could talk and tell me how shes feeling so far her spirits are high...

    Quality of life at the moment is at its peak.. I did however find a lump on her leg need to get this checked out on Thursday.. ill definatly get that removed..
    Her glands are down her breathing is much better but her stools are slightly runny as her diet has changed and im sure lactose dog milk and cottage cheese would do this..

    She is loving her immune boost vitamin and mineral powder mixed with her food im sure it all helps... Im taking more care for her then me its extremely costly but its well worth out happyness together whilst I go back to work tomorrow my mum is looking after her and shes with her best friend who is a ****zu called simba they grew up together he certainly knows somethings up hes looking sad lately... Comon Bella you can beat this you have the biggest heart I love you sweetheart...

    Thanks to all who have shared there wishes and prayers for us it means the world and im grateful to have joined this forum to make other dog owners aware and share my emotions through this sad journey


    Bella and Mum

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