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Thread: Itchy Skin and Chewing Herself

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    Default Itchy Skin and Chewing Herself

    I thought i would make a new thread for this about my girl who is 3.
    She is a goldmation (dalmation x golden retriever)

    Every other second of the day is chewing herself, almost like a trance, and has sensitive skin where if you touch her with your finger with a little bit of force she will immediately start scratching.

    She chews her paw hair, her *lady part hair* and does it pretty much always.

    Now i think it happened from when she got a spider bite she always kept biting it, that was about a year ago, in which we took her to the vet used the cream they told us to use.

    Anyways we have tried the anti chew sprays, which she cowers if she sees the bottle but they dont do anything, she goes back to chewing within 5 minutes.

    So im willing to spend what ever i need to help her.

    So i am probably wrong but i am thinking Malesab to start for infected areas then 2-3 aloveen baths every fortnight.

    I may be wrong but what would you suggest.

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    I'm thinking a bucket on her head.

    And an investigation of all the plants in your back yard, especially where she likes to lie down for ones that dogs are commonly allergic to. Eg cape weed, and wandering dew.

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    I concur with Hy on this one, sounds like wandering dew - look in the cool corners of your yard. My brother's little Staff cross was doing similar, and he swore blind he had no wandering dew. I took one look at her and crawled under the trampoline - what did I find? It's horrible stuff, sends many dogs skin right off!

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    Since we have had her we have moved to another house, she still itches.
    The bucket we tried for 2 days but she was extremley depressed and wouldnt move from under the table.

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    First off, interesting mix of breeds, never heard of that combination before, will have to google pics as I honestly can't imagine it :P

    My Labrador had a similar issue with scratching and chewing so we used an Itch Relief shampoo, the pet store recommended Malaseb but it sounded a bit harsh. I'd probably try the Malaseb and an Elizabethan collar on her, even if she seems depressed, it will stop her making her skin worse. Also what shampoo do you usually use on her when you wash her? I think my girl's skin got irritated from washing her too much and with a shampoo that was too harsh on her. From now on i'm only going to use sensitive shampoo.

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    Food sensitivy? My old afghan was allergic to beef, and it brought him out in itchy skin rashes. Apparently it's a very common allergen in dogs.

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    Could be anything, not much info. Have you been to the vet?

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    yeah went to the vet they recommended a cortisone shot and one of those plastic cone things.

    apart from that they didnt say much else.

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    hi projectaero

    She sucked you in about the bucket.

    You need to ask the vet to recommend you an allergy specialist. You need to check your garden - where your dog goes, for possible allergy causing plants and insects. And you may need to put her on an isolation diet eg go through the process of finding out if she's allergic to particular foods.

    And just because you moved house, doesn't mean there aren't allergy causing plants at both places.

    And you may want to change vets.

    The cortisone shot may relieve the itch long enough to break the habit. Vets usually recommend it when all other options have been tried and failed.

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    Some dogs have like a ongoing allergy to the world these days it seems.
    I would put dog on bland diet, get better fitting cone for her head & treat it like a great thing with treats & praise when putting it on, wash in an anti fungal & see how you go. But if it persists I'd get an allergy specailist to have a look.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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