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Thread: Dog Collars Making Dogs Do Strange Things

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    Default Dog Collars Making Dogs Do Strange Things

    I have a goldmation (golden retriever x dalmation) and a greyhound x and we had to buy flea collars for them due to another dog coming here for a couple of days who has fleas.

    Anyways the greyhound x twitches his ear and scratches quite a lot.
    The goldmation she scratches frequently and also sits down at a wall with a curtain and covers her face except nose under the curtain, and seems really depressed.

    Now the goldmation always chews at her self, has since we got her from 2.
    But the greyhound is as well.

    From what i have read on the net, Dalmations have sensitive skin so that could be why the flea collar is really affecting her.

    The greyhound as they dont have a lot of fat could be going through into his body quicker...

    We bought flea collar and that stuff you put on the top of there neck.
    Any ideas?

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    I would not trust flea collars. If you spot fleas, you need to capstar to kill them straight away. Do you have regular flea control treatment in place? I think we have many threads with flea treatment here. Please look for them for further information.

    I use Comfortis as monthly treatment and permoxin as topical and preventative method.
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    i dont, but i think i will take them off.
    the goldmation then just come up to me and then ran over to the curtain and hid under it again.

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    I don't use flea collars - never found them to be effective.

    I use revolution or front line plus spot on but some dogs may be allergic.

    I agree with the capstar (tablets) recommendation - ie give that to all the dogs including the one with fleas. And you're going to need to treat all the areas the flea infested dog has been, to destroy flea eggs and hibernating fleas.

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    Yep take them off. They shouldn't be used on greyhounds, even though he is a cross.
    As others have said capstar for evryone to get rid of the adult fleas followed by a spot on, not a supermarket brand.

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    Use advocate it covers heaps of the nasties including fleas at both stages, many worms,mites,lice & heart worm.
    I have had dogs get sick on capstar but have heard great results from others using it.
    I find although a little exspensive to buy when you work out the cost of doing everything the Advocate dose it's actully a very fair price.
    I find it works heaps & heaps better tahn frontline although I do use the frontline spray on sleeping areas & bedding etc.
    Dose your Dalmation xbreed have spots & what colours is he?
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    Here is a pic of here.
    She has a long fur coat. and a 30cm tail hair tail

    Also i have noticed the dogs are scratching themselves more now after the cream/collar then before
    The collars are now off but the cream is still on.
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    Eeek!! Bin them!

    She is very beautiful. If they're still seeming uncomfortable, maybe a bath is in order?

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    Cute dog.
    Yep bath them & throw out collars.
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    Put the flea collar into the vacuum bag, then vac where the dogs live.

    Kills fleas & any eggs retained in your vac.

    Might be a myth, but worth a try....
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