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Thread: Dog Collars Making Dogs Do Strange Things

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chipps View Post
    Put the flea collar into the vacuum bag, then vac where the dogs live.

    Kills fleas & any eggs retained in your vac.

    Might be a myth, but worth a try....
    Flea coller in vacc ideas I new 1 to me but I think I'll do it as I reackon they breed in there.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Hello everyone.
    One other thing, flea collars are off but the dogs do this twitch now on there ear, and have to keep scratching there ear, and it twitches until they shake there ear.
    Both dogs are doing it, so its definatly the fleas stuff on the back of the neck.
    But going to the Vet is going to cost another $100 for both dogs.
    Any ideas?

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