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Thread: Thunderstorm Fear.

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    Hey Sharoo,

    Something my trainer did with his dog (A Cav) who was afraid of thunder/storms was turn it into a game, so whenever there was a storm he played ball with Stevie (the Cav) and now whenever there is a storm coming Stevie runs to the ball draw instead of shivering and being afraid. Not sure if this will work but maybe you can try it or something similar ie: something your dog REALLY enjoys doing, before the fear becomes worse and nothing will work. Maybe speak to a trainer who could help you with this or something similar.

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    Very true Chipps.
    Dogs that look to their owners as leaders are going to freak out when they see their leader scared 'Why are you scared? Should I be scared? Yes im scared now.'
    Education not Legislation

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    128 km Adelaide (Buckland Park) Radar

    We've got a big wet headed our way right now.

    Guess who is not going for a walk tonight. I don't feel too guilty, we did the beach this morning.

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