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Thread: Vestibular in 11 Year Old Pug

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    Cute picture of your little one. i am glad things sound a little better again. We will keep our paws and fingers crossed for Wendy
    Pets are forever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chipps View Post
    Awsome stuff linda,

    Reason I asked was some dogs devlelop a spinning obsession & can injure themselves on walls, surroundings etc. I can't remember the cause, but it's dificult to manage.

    But in your case, was thinking something related to her condition, so big for you guys

    Editted to add a bit more.
    Wendy is pretty good at hitting things when she spins, but it still doesn't stop her. She just shakes herself off and then spins in the other direction. I have had 4 pugs and they have all spun around to a certain extent, but usually only when they are waiting for food. She will do it about 2 or 3 times each day for about 30 seconds. She does it in a sitting position, so she is scooting around on her backside. Linda

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    LOL linda......Nothing like an excited pup

    Scotty goes mental & spins when it's time for a walk
    ... Jade ...

    Aha yeah me too! wee wee or pee pee and poo poo's or poopie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chipps View Post
    LOL linda......Nothing like an excited pup

    Scotty goes mental & spins when it's time for a walk
    You just made me laugh. Chewy gets so excited whenever I mention a walk. She even gets the lead for me. Now pugs are not the most athletic dogs in the world and my two are 11 years old, so once they have gone about 500 metres down the road, Chewy has forgotten what all the excitement was about! Wendy is actually a good walker for a pug. She can go quite a distance. Chewy is a lazy little so and so. She will make us stop every now and then for no good reason. She just stops and stands there while she catches her breath. Mind you, this is after about the first 500 metres Linda

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    Well it's been a few weeks now and Wendy has not had any further episodes. Chewy and Wendy enjoyed a bone each yesterday out in the sun and Wendy was busily snapping at the flies as they buzzed around her head. Chewy has also started having little "arguments" with Wendy again over getting the best position in the kennel or on their chair or even on hubby's lap. I take that as a very good sign. When Wendy was ill, Chewy stopped bossing her around and she is a right little bossy pants!

    I took them both for a walk around our local park last night and it was Chewy who wore out first. Wendy was loving it!


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    Such great news.................
    Thanks for letting us know & fingers crossed that it continues.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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