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Thread: 9 Month Staffy Charking an Whistles

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    Default 9 Month Staffy Charking an Whistles

    hi! could anyone help me with my problem! my staffy is a 9 month little boy the past couple of days he looks like he,s got somthin stuck in his throat and trying to cough it up an then he does this sucking noise, and then he,s back to his normal self, he,s eating an drinking normally, just got a bit worried so i thought id ask here before i fone the vet for an appointment! if anyone can give me sum advice id be really gratefull. thanks vicky!!

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    It's hard to tell without hearing the cough or seeing him, but he could very well have something stuck in his throat, or he could have kennel cough or something else.

    A vet visit is a good idea

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    Something stuck in his throat is one thing, but that description reads like he's got something stuck on the way to his lungs.

    I think I would have trouble sleeping tonight and would definitely be keen to get him to a vet ASAP.

    You could try giving him a small amount of honey - eg a teaspoon full - which may soothe his throat - if that's where the problem is.

    He could also have kennel cough. Even if he's vaccinated - they still get it - usually less severely than an unvaccinated dog would.

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    I must agree. I also would be very concerned.

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    thanks for all your help! ive booked him an appointment for tomorrow morning! i think he,s doin reverse sneezing but he,s still goin the vet!!

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    The sucking thing sounds like reverse sneezing to me. One of my dogs does it on a reasonably regular basis. The first time I heard it I early pooped myself with panic.

    Good on you for going to the vet though, best to put your mind at rest

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    Definately the vet visit

    The sucking sound thingy also sounds li8ke a soft palate problem.You're vet will be able to tell you more .
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    Diffently vet time.
    But it may be he has a collapsed soft pallat which happens in staffies sometimes, depends how collapsed it is to what happens or dosn't happen vet wise.
    Could just be bad kennel cough.
    Could be a tag of skin across back of his throat which can happen.
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    You know what, from how you've described it, I think Roly does this, and its nothing to worry about.
    Its like a human clearing their throat with that 'ahem' noise.
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    hi all!! panic over! been the vet an rockys just clearing his throat an reverse sneezing!! spoke to rockys breeder as well and his parents do the same thing!! ive got a parrot so the vet said its more than likely the dust gettin up his nose! but he said if it gets worse to take rocky back because he might be allergic to the parrot!! so thanks for everyone advice and concern!! vicky! xxxx

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