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    I have had my dog vaccinated and its all up to date but about 3 days ago she vomited and it was once off so I thought nothing of it. Today she has had Diorehea and has vomited once, but this was a big vomit. Her tummy isnt even that big. I tried to give her a dog treat and she took it out of my hand but put it on the floor and went and laid down. She has been active today and hasnt seemed out of sorts at all. Just a tummy bug or something worse?

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    Personally I would watch and wait.
    The best way to tell if there is anything really wrong is their different behaviour..listless, off food and water.
    Mine all do the odd chuck or runny poo and usually it is nothing serious.
    If it continues or becomes more frequent I would contact the vet.

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    Totally agree with Di Dee.

    I would personally wait and see. The odd bit of diarrhea and/or vomiting isn't going to be serious, but if it goes on for more than a couple of days or gets worse (pretty much constant poop and puke) then the dog can become dehydrated and I would get her/him in to the vet.

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    Agree with the above, just give her a bland diet of boiled rice and chicken and make sure she is still drinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by molly33 View Post
    Agree with the above, just give her a bland diet of boiled rice and chicken and make sure she is still drinking.
    As Molly said just make sure the dog is still drinking, if it stops drinking get it to a vet because with liquid poos they can dehydrate vert quickly.
    I know I am always talking worms but it is a bad season for them & my dogs vomit & have bad poos if wormy.

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    make her it mashed banana , i had tried it it was successful but your puppy is in serious condition try my tip if not successful take it to veterinary .

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