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Thread: Trouble with Fleas

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    hi all,

    im new here.

    Just wanted to see if anyone has experienced an increased level or spike in fleas over the last 2-3 weeks in Sydney.

    im in the process of stamping out a mini outbreak at the moment ... the cats and dogs havent had fleas in years and just last week discovered these creepy crawleys ...

    gives me the hee bee geebees

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    Yes I'm not in Sydney but my ex is & when he came to pick our son up for christmas I treated his dog as he was covered & irratated. This is unusual as he is using a spot but this season is really bad.
    It is bad here too as are worms it's due to the humidity & good season.
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    They just seem to pop up from no where... and very sudden ....

    going to bomb the house tomorrow arvo so we will have to vacate for a few hours.

    Its just a pain in the bum really but it has to be done.

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    I know that we might be lucky and just not have fleas, but my 2 acre Garden is planted with lots of plants that are supposed to help deter fleas, lots of geraniums, lots of lavender, Tansy. Wormwood, every mint imaginable and lots of other herb type plants. My dogs do not have fleas and I have notived that they always lie in the Tansy and run through the lavender. At present i do not use any anti flea stuff at all...maybe just lucky
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    We're not having a flea problem here but have certainly noticed an increased resistance in the worms.
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