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    i have a 15 year old Australian silky terrier that has a collapsed trachea.
    she has had it for about a year but its getting worse. she is currently on nulen twice a day, which is only helping a little bit.

    i was wondering if anyone has had a dog with this condition that could recommend other medications that could help.
    she is not a candidate for surgery because of her age (she had surgery 2 years ago to remove a tumor from one of her breasts, she didnt cope to well with that).
    tessa is at the point now where she coughs whenever she drinks, if she gets excited and snores really loud when sleeping. with bad coughing fits her mouth goes blue.
    i would like her last few years/months to be happy for her and for her to keep a good quality of life. apart from the breathing and some mild skin allergies she is a healthy and happy dog.

    any advise would be appreciated.

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    I cannot help you with any non-surgical procedures, just thinking of you and little Tessa
    Pets are forever

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