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Thread: Questions About Parvo

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    OMG!! This post was meant to be in a completely different thread on a completely different topic!
    So no , I did not mean you
    lol, no worries.......................

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    Quote Originally Posted by molly33 View Post
    Yes I am well aware of the Titre test.
    However If that's the case that parvo stays in the soil for 5-7 years??
    The family has had a case of parvo,, yet they are still breeding???
    Wouldn't go near the place with a new pup.
    Well I can say 100% that it did stay in black soil for 5yrs & have heard more than 1 vet say 7yrs.
    Also if they are breeding out of dogs that have been in contact or sick from parvo & lived they have some cover from their own immunities. They may even pass some of that immunity onto their pups but it would not be enough to keep them all safe. The most danager is to dogs that come onto the property with no self immunity[from past exposure to parvo] or no or incomplete vaccs. The pups they sell would also be very much in danger of carring the parvo virus with them into their new homes & putting other pets at risk.

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    Parvo usually only lasts a few months(like 6 to 9), but has been known to stay in the environment up to 2 years.
    I wouldn't bring your pup into the environment of the infected pup until the infected pup has been 100% better for about a month. Make sure all the poo is cleaned up and use a bleach and water solution to disinfect the house and yard.
    Then again, all this is just to be safe, if your GSD is up to date with her vaccines, then she should be fine, but its better to be safe then sorry.
    Believe it or not, but GSDs, along with Rotties and Dobes are actually more prone to parvo aswell.
    I hope this helps
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    Plaese ske your local vet....................
    As I did not make it up, 5yrs is so long it lasted in black soil.

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