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Thread: Anyone Have Suggestions, Experience with Similar Symptoms?

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    Question Anyone Have Suggestions, Experience with Similar Symptoms?

    Here are the symptoms and circumstances. Does anyone have a similar experience and a suggestion diagnosis, outcome or course of action. Thanks in advance.

    The dog is a 2 (going on 3) year old maremma sheepdog male. Fit and healthy, tons of energy and vey annoying when I am online.

    Here is the sequence of events.

    Sunday 12 Dec
    1. feed dog and 4.30pm all was ok
    2. got home at 5.30pm dog eating excessive grass and vomiting
    3. temperature 39.3
    4. also drooling and drinking a lot of water
    5. depressed

    Earlier that day we had been for a walk and he seemed fine.

    Monday 13 Dec
    1. took dog to vet suspecting obstruction in the throat, stomach ?
    2. temperature 39.6
    3. endoscope was clear
    4. Antibiotics and a general anaesthetic
    5. Dog really groggy all night but improved

    Tuesday 14 Dec
    1. 8am Dog very tired, but affectionate
    2. 5.30pm feed
    3. 8pm vomiting, drinking lost of water, eating excessive grass

    Jackson is very tired and this temperature is 38.7. He is eating. Has difficulty shallowing. He appears to have abdominal discomfort / pain.

    Anyone have suggestions, experience with similar symptoms?


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    Did he eat soemthing yucky?

    Access to marijuana (only suggested that because I was reading something about marijuana toxiccity the other day LOL)

    Hope you find out soon and he gets better

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    What did the vet say!? Vomiting+fever+pain+depressed=vet needs to do something.
    Lots of water drinking can be kidney disease or diabetes.
    A healthy dogs temp. is about 38 degrees, but can vary from 37.2 to 39.2 degrees
    If the temperature was the only change, I wouldn't worry too much, as he's only a little bit over.

    I think you need to explain a little more on what the vet did. They didn't do an x-ray or take a blood sample? They went straight to the endoscopy? No urine sample or ultrasound? The endoscopy should be the final step in finding out whats wrong with the dog.

    Ok to give you a 'little' closure, im guessing kidney disease.
    He's drinking excess water, vomiting, displaying weakness/lethargy. Whats his appetite like? Is he weeing more than normal?
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    All of the above plus how' his bowel movements?
    I would get a second opinion and definitely be going back to a vet.
    You wont get a diagnosis on a forum.

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    Is he on antibotics? Need more info about vet etc as others have already said but if your worried take back to the vet or get another vet.

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