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    Hi guys,
    Been awhile since I have asked for advice, but i am concerned for my Finn.
    Took him to the vets last week for a sore eye and was diagnoised with conjunctivitus, fine, prescribed with an ointment to be administered twice a day, which has been done religiously.with the advice to return in a week if there is no improvement. Made an appointment today to return tomorrow as in the last 24 hours it has got worse than what it was when we first went and saw the vet. Does anyone have any ideas why?
    Also in the last 24 hours he has been quite restless and lethargic, initially put that down to the hot weather, but am concerned that perhaps it could be a underlying problem....

    Does a change in their environment perhaps have an influence in their overall health?
    Fingers crossed that everything goes well tomorrow

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    Finn had his visit today, our vet was quite shocked and concerned that it hadn't improved so wanted to keep him there and put him 'under' so he could explore further.
    After what felt an eternity at home the time came to face the possibilities that he had prepared us for earlier in the day, very quiet and thought provoking journey.

    Finn had not conjunctivitus now, but an infection in the eye..................
    poor baby, being treated with more severity than before. pain killers, eye drops and ointment, hope this helps my big Lala

    thanks for the concern

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