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Thread: Help Please Pup in Pain :(

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    Question Help Please Pup in Pain :(

    My Bichon pup was neutered today and although i repeatedly asked for pain relief for tonight just in case as i know my dog is a bit of a wuss the vet clinic said he doesnt need it hes a male and should be fine.I picked him up from the vets at 5 and hes been mostly asleep but in tHe last 2 hours been awake and upset.Hes whimpering and calling out in pain loudly and tries to get to his wound although he cant as they had to put a collar on him as he was already in the surgery going crazy licking etc is there anything for humans he can have that would be safe..i am so annoyed the vets wouldnt give me anything for him..this is what i feared as i know hes a total wuss. he hasnt peed that ok?..he cries and yelps if he tries to walk..ive carried him outside and out him on the grass but he hasnt giving him ice to lick as he doesnt want to drink water from the bowl yet.
    Pepe our fluffy poochie

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    None of my pets needed painkillers after being desexed. If he is in that much pain he may need a visit to the vets.

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    Yep this little man needs to see the vet again.

    How is he this morning?
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    Poor little guy, as already said i would get straight back on to the vet. When our toy poodle was desexed he was given a painkiller in the form of injection. I'd insist on some relief for him. If he won't listen, ring another vet and explain.

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    Hi there sorry for my late update,havent had much of a chance to get on today.
    He seems slightly better this morning but still yelping and wont walk or move..I rang the vet and was waiting on a call back which didnt happen for hours..grrrrr I have been giving him ice blocks to lick as he wont drink..the vet assured me if the wound is looking ok which it was then he should be fine its just that hes a small dog and they can react to the discomfort worse. he would have given him a minimal dose shot at my insistience of anti inflammatory but that would have only distressed him even more so i declined as just his immunisations when he was 100% fine caused him to scream and carry on something aweful.

    I bought some liverwurst this afternoon and some pre cooked chicken and rice balls and he perked up and licked some of the liverwurst from my hands and ate some of the meatballs which is a relief. Hes still not drinking unless its me holding the ice cubes but he is moving about a little more tonight and has yelped a few times only so he is feeling a little better i think. He looks perkier too.He is great big wuss and cries if he walks on a bindi so I knew he would carry on a bit more than usual though im sure it is sore and am relieved hes not as bad as last night and just hope he recovers quickly with no hiccups.The vet doesnt seem worried he has toileted saying well he hasnt had anything..i am worried though..with his intake lifting tonight surely he will have to go by tomorrow i would think?
    Pepe our fluffy poochie

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    Yeah, I wouldn't think he would have gone as he wouldn't have eaten for a while. Hopefully he will go tomorrow though.
    Don't know where you are, but here it has been very hot. I am no vet but I would think not drinking would be cause for concern. He may have been feeling a bit off yesterday, But I would be expecting him to be drinking and eating today. If he is not drinking tomorrow maybe you should get a second opinion?

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    If hes still not drinking and hasnt gone potty i will def be taking him elsewhere tomorrow. Hes going crazy trying to get his wound site and he can still reach it ive discovered tonight even with the ecollar on so Ive grabbed one of my youngests singlets and put it on him backwards with the waist opening tucked into his harness. he yelped like crazy and carried on when he couldnt lick the site anymore but im scared he will rip it open and cause worse irritation.

    Ive been firm with him tonight telling him to stop when he yelps and frantically tries to lick the site..the combination of the collar edge rubbing at the wound site and him licking arent a good match so hopefully having the singlet on will help deter him a little more..Ive also shut him into his crate as theres less room to swing around and carry on there when hes upset as he gets frantic and i dont want him hurting himself..its kind of like hes trying to run away from the pain.
    Pepe our fluffy poochie

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