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Thread: Staffy Sick...bloating/liver...advice Please

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    Default Staffy Sick...bloating/liver...advice Please


    My staffy chelsea, 9, is sick. She has been a wonderful, playful girl.

    She has a bloated stomach and is quiet, tired and looks sad. Been like this since early in the week but does not seem in pain.

    Been to the vet twice for urine and blood test. Had trouble getting in despite my concerns. Had needles to help go to toilet and make bloating go down. Did not seem to work. Vet said possible liver tumour, as liver cannot process fluid and it is leaking into her stomach and are talking about $3,000 operation by specialist in Sydney. Possible GDV?

    Have her booked in at emergency vet but cannot get into 8pm Saturday (tomorrow) for ultrasound and advice. Earliest I could get in - concerned if that is too long to wait?

    I need some advice from anybody who's dog has been through something similar, or is experienced in these matters.

    What are my best options?

    If she has a liver tumour is it best that I have her put down due to quality of life?

    She was always an active dog that has killed about 100 soccer balls in her day and I do not know how she would go if she couldn't run around and play.

    Well the bloating come back? Will she have long-term health if the tumour is removed, or will she only last a couple more months?

    If I pay for operation what are the chances of survival? Will she need future operation down the track due to recurrence?

    Sorry about the length of post but bit frazzled at the moment.

    Any advice or help will be appreciated.


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    Sorry I don't have any advice but praying that the vet can find out what's wrong with her and fingers crossed it isn't too serious and chelsea get's better soon

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    Thanks Bluestaff

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    I've got no idea either.

    Canine Liver Disease, A Little Knowledge Could Save Your Dogs Life

    If you're not happy with the info the first vet is providing or the speed at which they are providing it - maybe see another vet for second opinion.

    Any major surgery on internal organs these days - seems to start at 1.5 grand for removing a small blockage in the gut, and go up. At every step of the way - you're going to have to ask each vet - how much do they estimate this costing, what will quality of life be like, and what are the guestimate likelyhoods of things turning out for the best eg 10% you might not bother, 90% good outcome and long happy life for dog, you'd probably have a go.

    And if it's way more than you can afford - you also might want to stop while you're ahead but this is a bit like asking someone to turn off life support for their brain dead child. Argh.

    A good question to ask each vet is "If it was your dog, what would you do?".

    I also found this on the net - you could ask them.
    Pet Questions - Ask a Pet Expert Online

    I think it's USA based (ie they keep different hours to us) but I imagine they'd have more idea about what the chances are for quality of life after liver disease than I would.

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    Thanks for the infor Hyacinth

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    I am wondering how Chelsea is doing.
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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    Thanks for asking.

    She went to emergency tonight at 8pm.

    Picked her up at 12:35am.

    She had ultrasound and x-rays.

    They put needle in stomach and removed about 700ml or so of fluid but she still has a lot in there.

    The ultrasound showed that she near end liver function, equivalent to cirrohsis of the liver that will end in liver failure.

    They gave her some fluid tablets and antibotics but the prognosis is she will only survive a couple of months if I am lucky. I thought they might but her down tonight so happy I may get a few more months to spend with her.

    Thy said her liver had long-term damage but she has never showed it.

    She did look better and happier today talking and showing off even with her big beer gut. But you could tell she felt so much happier when they took some of the fluid out.

    See what time brings suppose. Hopefully the tablets can work a miracle. I always thought my male staffy would go before her.

    Have a good night.


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    What a relief! It sounds like she is more comfortable now. That's really good. Well...let us know how all you are doing from time to time. Take care.....
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    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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    it sounds like she has ascities. This is when the liver is blocked or damaged or scared. The blood does not flow through the liver properly- it is now blocked, however the heart continues to push the blood down the vessels as the same strength and speed. So you get a very large pressure in the viens going to the liver- the pressure is so high it forces some of the plasma (liquid) out of the blood vessels, through the vessel walls and it collects in the abdo space.
    It is usually a sign of long term liver disease, and it will continue to recollect (as the cause- the blockages in the liver are still there). They are draining it for her comfort and to help ease the strain this collected fluid places on the other organs, esp the lungs.

    You will notice how long it takes to recollect, and how distressed she is with it, the symptoms it causes for her, and how stressful and expensive the ascidic taps are. Then you can make a decision re PTS.

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    Yeah, that pretty much sums it up sweetboy.

    She dosen't look too good and she has vomited a couple of times today.

    I think I will have to make a decision over the weekend to put her down so she dosen't experience too much pain.

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