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Thread: Appetite Stimulants ?

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    Default Appetite Stimulants ?

    Hi Guys,

    Weve had out new dane for about a week now, during his time here he has been happy, active and boisterous as any pup is, he happily sleeps on his bed, goes for walks and is eating and pooping normally (although small poos)

    He has absolutely no interest in food - and as he is underweight it is a bit of a problem. We are currently changing him over to eagle pack holistic giant breed food from Bonnie dog food (crap food), He is offered 4 cups of dry food in the morning and also gets 200grams of tucker time. He then is offered 5 cups of dry food in the evening. He eats mabye 3 cups of dry food out of all food eaten and eats all of the tucker time. Even if we removed the tucker time from his meals he will still only eat a small amount of dry food.

    I have cooked him some chicken, pasta and vegies which he did eat after it sitting there for about 4 hours.

    I know that it could be just because he is settling in, but he has lost probably 500grams to a kilo while here with us through not eating and probably a bit of stress too. I want to get him desexed fairly soon but im hesitant doing it when he is quite thin.

    The vets have deemd him healthy - just underweight, they could only reccomend a chemical appetite stimulant that would work for a short time and then lose its affect - id prefer to get him eating consistantly naturally so that it wont be an ongoing problem.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated

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    Sounds like it's stress, he hasn't been with you very long.
    EP is a lot richer than Bonnie. Is 9 cups of EP dry the right amount? When I used to only feed EP for our greyhound he only had one and a half cups in the morning and the same in the afternoon.
    Maybe give him smaller meals over 3 meals if you can and build him up slowly. Maybe make a chicken broth and pour it warm over his dry.

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    Hi, assume his worming has been done as you say the Vet says he's healthy. Check his throat and make sure he doesn't have a sore throat turning him off eating. That happened to our boy, for months i kept being told he was just a fussy eater, (by vets) he was bright and energetic happy pup, who just kept losing weight and wouldn't eat properly.
    After surfing the net and doing a lot of research i actually looked past his teeth and saw his throat was really red way down. It turned out he had tonsillitis, we saw umpteen vets tried everything for a solid 14 months, but eventually he had to have a tonsillectomy. No problem with weight or eating since.
    Not suggesting your fella has tonsilitis, i don't think that happens often, but maybe a sore throat ??

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    He may be incredibly picky, he may still be settling in and be a bit nervous or any recent vaccinations sometimes turns a dog of their food for a little while.
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    Nothing like skipping a meal to increase the appetite.

    My dog was a bit slow to eat her dinner, so I stopped leaving it out. She gets 10 minutes to eat all of it or I take it away till next meal time. She learned very quickly to finish it straight away.

    Most baby puppies (under 3 months) are not strong enough to eat dry dry food. I used to soak my dog food in water before giving it to her. Some of the puppy dry food recommend doing this - so you could try adding water to it and allowing it to soak and soften up before serving. I don't know if you've ever tried cracking almonds (or yabbie claws) with your teeth but if you crack enough - you will have a sore jaw the next day and that might put you off eating.

    You may want to break up the meals into more smaller meals - but the time limit would still apply. You may also want to up the calorie content - eg more meat/mince and less dry for a bit. There is a recipe in here for "satin balls" specifically designed to put weight on a dog.

    Satin Balls

    So if there is a limit to the amount the dog will eat and you want it to gain weight - try that.
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    Good luck if you try satin balls - when we had salukis they never used to touch them. They were terrible eaters.

    Have you tried some tinned fish mixed through his kibble? Sardines in oil are hard to resist. I do this sometimes, stir it up with hot water then let it soak for a little while. Serve warm. Gravy powder is sometimes worth a try in the same way.

    It is endlessly frustrating when they're underweight and just not interested. Another thing that can pick their appetite up is Hills AD. It is an appetite stimulant, and just comes in a little can. Again I've used it mixed through regular food just to spice it up and get the interest going.

    One other thing I had luck with when the salukis really went on hunger strikes was cheap beef sausages. If you prick them and boil them the skin will pop off. Then you can cut them up and feed them warm.

    An old greyhound weight gain trick is porridge for breakfast. You can make it with milk power if he tolerates it - my borzoi go nuts for it and we feed it over winter to keep their condition.

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    Hey guys, thanks for the tips

    He was having 9 cups of food while i was transitioning him from bonnie dog foo (yuck) to the eagle pack - its now down to 4.5 cups per day since the trasition is complete - apparently thats the reccomendation for him for the weight he should be. Hes been wormed with drontal wormer - its the one we use at work so i got them into him the first day he was here

    Ive tried the satin balls and he looked at me as if i was crazy , he doesnt really like the hills a/d either (i use it for my ferrets so always have it on hand) He will now usually eat all of his biscuits if i soak them in hot water first which is a releif - i dont mind soaking them if hes going to eat! Ive also figured out that he likes his cooked meals and tucker time in the morning and his biscuits at night - well he seems to eat better this way anyway.

    He actually stole my weetbix the other morning, my fault i left it on the bench and he can reach it there - i use lactose free milk in my cereal and it didnt seem to upset his stomach at all - still probably not ideal, not to mention they were the last weetbix in the box so i went without brekky!

    Ill try the sausages idea - hes still not eating the greatest but atleast he is eating now Thanks guys

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    Don't forget to try fried eggs (you beat the eggs with a few drops of sesame seed oil and then pan fry) Most dogs love the smell of sesame oil. You can also microwave this-don't over cook it though.
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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