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    Default Need advice please

    I have no idea if this is something to worry about or not. We are off to the Vets on Thursday for a totally unrelated problem but am contemplating going back sooner as I am a little concerned.

    I have a roughly 3yr old Maltese x Shihtzu x ? I have just noticed that one eye will close and the other stays open.. it is happening on both sides not just the one. I have only had her 2 months and have never noticed this before, so I am assuming it has only started recently.

    Should I be concerned or is it just something normal that some dogs do?


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    My dog doesn't do it. She's an ACDx. The only time she'd shut just one eye is if there is something in it like a bit of fur. And I haven't noticed any of the SWF I know around my neighbourhood doing that either. They blink. They don't wink.

    So I don't know if it's normal for your dogs or not, but I would be adding it to a written list (in case you get frazzled and forget to ask), for the vet.

    I have found my dog gets a lot of goo in her eyes at the moment because of all the flowers, especially on the lawn where she goes. I've usually wiped it out as it comes, with a clean rag or kleenex dipped in warm salty water (ie water from cooled but boiled kettle). At the moment, there's no goo. Of course if the goo got really persistant or she seemed bothered by it - I'd be off to the vet to check for conjunctivitus or grass seeds or other eye problems.
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    Doesn't sound normal to me.

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    This is not known to me either. Both eyes and the dog does not bother with it, then I will monitor if the dog shows any discomfort...imo s/tzu x never holds back for any complaints. Again if it shows any discomfort, I will pay a visit to a vet, otherwise I will wait until next vet visit. It is just me...

    BTW...Any photos for your cute doggie?
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    Winking for dogs is obviously an involuntary action.
    I dont think its an emergency, but definately mention it at the vets.
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