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Thread: Luxating with Opinion Pls?

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    Question Luxating with Opinion Pls?

    I was wandering what peoples concencus is regarding an issue im having. I had been looking around for some time for a reputable breeder for a Bichon Frise. After many emails and phone calls and zillions of questions i came across a lady who is registered with the NSW canine council and a show judge and seemed to have all the right qualifications and a decent breeder.

    I went out and her place was immaculate,she had 3 sets of pups from different dams all in seperate clean indoor large comfy cage type areas.The male was outside in her yard and everything seemed to be in order..I asked specifically about luxating patellas as i know they can be an issue in this breed..she assured me shes been breeding for 20+ years and never had an issue and has the generations of parents and never an issue..i paid for a pup and bought the pup and a whole swag of papers home including limited pure bred registration,she assured me pup was healthy and fine and vet checked hes had his first shots and been forward to now and i had noticed my pup yelping at times when he gets up etc.I wasnt too worried at first thinking hes woken with a fright or something or had some fluff caught when he was being Picked up

    I fast tracked his 3rd immunisations by a few days after one night last week when Pepe yelped and seemed stuck for a few minutes which really scared me and asked the vet for an extra check..hes been diagnosed with both back legs having a grade 1 luxating patellas

    Now I am really worried..ive read so much info..I know it might not develop into worse but it also may and that may require surgery which is costly..I sent her an email informing her of my dismay and the vets findings a few days back and I havent heard a peep in reply..I know she has other pups on sale now online so she must be checking her emails..those pups were the babies i saw when getting my pup now grown and ready to go.

    What do you think she should do if anything? I have spent a fortune in the purchase price,puppy preschool,shots,vet checks,and all the stuff for fleas,ticks,worms etc etc

    I am so stressed over this now as my own children have special needs and this pup was a kind of therapy dog and i just didnt expect to have any issues this early down the track especially after doing my home work and buying from a seemingly reputable breeder

    Does or should she offer to help should surgery be required,,should she offer another pup instead(but what about the costs ive put into the baby since having him at 9 weeks then I would have to repeat them all over again) not to mention my kids love him and the attatchments formed there..i really dont know what to do or expect..all input greatly recieved please?

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    Nobody has any opinion on what the breeders responsabilty should be if any on this?

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    How worrying!
    i read your post early on but I do not know LP very much, but a couple who i get to know well at the dog park had their dog undergone replacement surgery for both legs.

    If I were in your situation, I will try to follow through with the breeder and try to get a healthy dog instead. I am saying this with very uneasy and sad feeling for your pup though... Perhaps some members here can help you better....
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    I feel for you considering you went to the trouble to find a reputable breeder and one who is now not returning your emails. Have you tried calling her?
    I didn't realize luxating patellas showed up in such a young age. If this is the case then the other pups could possibly have the same prob and the breeder should be aware.
    If she doesn't make contact with you in the next few days I would contact the NSW Canine Council and ask them where you stand.
    You and your family have now become attached to this pup and would be hard to return her back to the breeder, maybe both parties could come to some agreement.
    Maybe even get a second opinion on the diagnosis.
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    Grade 1 LP means the knee only dislocates when its manipulated. Because I assume she's relatively young(as in not middle aged, when they're most prone) its may just be slightly arthritic, hence the yelping.
    If this was at my work, we would first be subscribing an anti inflammatory, which is only a short term solution and go from there. Also some medication to help with arthritus, glucosamine supplement and lots of vitamin C(to strengthen tendons, ligaments and connective tissue).
    To be honest, at grade 1, I would discard the thought of surgery, and just work on strengthening the muscles and tendons surrounding the joint.
    You should put your dog on a meat and bone diet but keep her fit, the lighter she is, the less weight she has to carry. You should be able to easily feel her ribs. On the other side of that, moderate exercise is the key, a gentle hill will work best on strengthening the muscles. Accupuncture is also a consideration.

    You need to get in contact with that 'breeder' ASAP! LP is hereditary. Even dogs with grade 1 LP should never ever be bred from. If she had her dogs health tested, it would have come up.
    If you want to take it to the extreme you may also have a case in court.
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    Thanks for the replies
    I havent rang the breeder as I wasnt sure what to say on the phone,whether i should be asking for any help from her etc... I did ask the vet about supplements and he said no just keep his weight down and just see how he goes.I had read about walking him up hills so have been doing that and will continue to do that.Am I allowed to ask about the breeder here whether anyone has heard of her?I will wait till next week i guess as im nervous about what to actually say on the phone(im a very non confrontational type person) and was hoping she would get back to me and it would have been a favourable response.

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    No you cannot mention the breeder.
    Just keep trying to contact her. The other problem is that she shouldn't be breeding her dogs if LP is showing up in her pups.
    Is your pup 12-16 weeks?

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    yes hes 16 weeks going on 17 weeks.

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    Well I am relieved so thought I would update here I got the courage to call the breeder this morning and she was really nice.Im traveling out to see her within the next week and we will take the pup to her vet as she wants him double checked,she said if surgery is required she's happy to pay for it.

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    Thats good!!
    She may have to re health check her stud/bitch..
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