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Thread: One Way to Get the Dog to Eat Feed.

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    Default One Way to Get the Dog to Eat Feed.

    .... Lalo's my dog. And prefer my food to your food, animal feed. But is very playful lalo. He likes me to throw toys and he runs and brings. Then I have to throw obtádo lalo feed and associated that with play and run and eat until sated.
    Lalo a photo, taken from my website. ...:
    -------------------------------------------------- Jorge.

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    Thanks for link. I think give him good, nutritious dog food, ONCE a day. At close to the same time every day. Whether he needs it or not.

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    Best way would be to not give him a preference. Buy his food and don't give him extra or anything else you eat. If he is hungry he'll eat.
    Kimba used to turn her nose up to her food only because she thought something better might be on offer. She got the point pretty soon especially when Buddy started Sniping her

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