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Thread: Puppy Walking at 9 Weeks Old

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    Default Puppy Walking at 9 Weeks Old

    At times it looks like my 9 week old puppy Pepper is having problems walking, eg she looks like a new born fowl with her front legs. Or she lets her rear hind drop to the ground and pulls herself along with her front legs, much like a dog with worms does.

    I know she does not have worms as I have checked and she has been treated.

    I suppose I am asking if a 9 week old puppy should have a good level of mussel control or if there could be a problem with her mussel control.



    Ps sorry about any spelling mistakes or bad punctuation I suffer from seizures and often have full mind blanks.

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    I would take your pup to the vet sooner rather than later and contact the breeder.
    What breed is your pup?

    I hope she is ok.

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    She is an English Staffy.

    I have a 3 year old Staffy but he was kept with the breeder until 12 weeks and we just visited every few days, so I never saw how his walking progressed.

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    I have a couple of friends that STB pups and I have not noticed them walking around like that at 9 weeks or so.
    I know pups can be clumsy but that doesn't sound right to me.

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    That doesn't sound like clumsy puppy walking to me either. Most 9 week old pups can run around fine but have a little trouble climbing over things or if they try and turn mid-run they stumble.

    Time for a vet check, possibly at the breeder expense if something is wrong.

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    Thank you, I will be heading off to the vet tomorrow and calling the vet who done her original vet check and needles.

    I think my main concern is where I got her from they had an 18 month old child who was allowed around the 5 puppies and she may of fallen on her or something.

    Fingers crossed all is fine she is just a slow developer.

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    Fingers crossed here as well.
    Keep us updated.

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    How worrying!!! I hope the pup is ok.
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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    I hope she's ok. It doesn't sound very good at all...

    How do you mean she looks like a newborn fowl in her front? I can't picture that sorry. ETA - maybe you mean foal? Like a wobbly baby horse?

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    Yeah sorry I did mean foal, my brain is playing up bad at the moment.

    A lot of the time she seems ok, she jumps and plays fetch. Other times she is all wobbly or sits bottom just off the ground and drags herself.

    My 12 year old has even mentioned to me that she just doesn't look right at times.

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