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Thread: Puppy Walking at 9 Weeks Old

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    Update on Pepper: I rang the vet where she was micro-chipped , Vaccinated and 'vet checked'. The receptionist started by telling me she was unable to give out that information, I have never heard of a dog having the right to privacy.

    After a few minutes she started to tell me 4 puppies had been taken in ( I was told there was 5) no vet check had been done only the micro-chipping and vaccination, then she proceeded to tell me that all the dogs were checked and fine. She then told me that was all she knew.

    I have made Pepper an appointment to go to see the vet tomorrow, that is the problem living in a one vet town with thousands of heads of cattle, sheep and horses, you just have to wait.

    This morning Pepper has been running after her toys, jumping up onto the lounge and seems is so happy and playful.

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    Wobbling like that is not good. It does sound strangely neurological.

    The vet clinic didn't sound very helpful either! I hope you get some answers. Maybe you could try and video her when she does it so you can show the vet in case she is going ok while you are there? Even a little video on a phone would be useful...

    You can also ask that the vet that chipped and vaccinated her send through any medical records to your own vet - so that you can find out for sure whether she was vet checked etc. A basic health check should be done, as they check temperature and so on before giving vaccinations. You can't give vaccinations to sick pups so they should have checked her basic health at least!

    Good luck!

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    An update on Pepper: The vet said she does have a common staffy problem with her hind leg which will hopefully fix itself as she gets older and the ligaments tighten up, if not they will consider taking x-rays.

    She also thinks she may still have worms and treated her again just in case. Oh and even with this she has gained weight in the 11 th of August she was 2.1 kilo and today she is 3.9 kilo.

    It turned out the cheapest trip to the vet I have ever had only $45.65.

    Thanks for everyone's wishes and suggestions, I was so worried about my little girl.

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    Thanks for the update.
    I have never heard of that being a common problem.
    Anyway still keep a close eye on her.

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    Good luck, I'm glad your trip wasn't too expensive. It's not luxating patellas is it?

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    Nattylou, I don't think that is what the vet said, I was just over the moon when she said it was not anything to really worry about at this time. I am seeing her again in 11 days so I will ask her to write it down for me so I have it if I need it in the future.

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