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Thread: Starting Raw Diet and COMPLETE MIX Was Recommended to Me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Staffwild View Post
    The Mince is minced chickens frames and all or whatever meat it is in that mince mix, vegies and fruit.... But if you are feeding him the Brisket and Frames in the mornings you won't need to add anything extra....
    Thanks for that. I appreciate it. will definitely give it a try.

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    Another late post..... I have found that the complete mix can stack the weight on for some reason, so have actually decreased the amount I serve each feed. My dogs get it 4 times per week, but I also add supplements as well as the raw bones and raw fish etc. You can DEFINITELY mince up your own veggies (add water) and make your own, I just find that buying CM is easier for me (ie, less time consuming). I did look at the BARF patties, but for two young Dobes, it was gonna break the bank.
    I've also heard that dessicated seaweed is a great dietary addition, though have not yet tried it.

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    i feed my dogs with raw meat bones too , i think it's good for dogs ,and i don't feed them with dry dog food

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    I've been suggested this as well. I received an email today from an online stockists promoting a new 'sensative skin' variety. I am thinking this might be worth trying as one of our Amstaffs has some skin issues at the moment and anything that can help.

    I was advised to use half the suggest amount on the packet as our two get a small portion of holistic select anchovy at night.

    They also get a range of roo mince, chicken mince, chicken carcasses, chicken necks, chicken leg bones, whole chicken pieces (our local IGA sells assorted chicken pieces for $2.99/kg, they love them but they are a treat once a week), roo tail, chicken liver and sardines through out the week, with an egg thrown in one meal a week as well.

    Treats are roo jerky, dehydrated liver etc, all natural ones no additives etc, they don't get the 'baked bickies' and the like.

    I have two samples of the 'complete mix' so I will try that first to see if they will actually eat it, if they do, then I'll get some of the other stuff.

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