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    Our 12 month old great dane seems to only have one testy. We have been told if the other doesn't drop he will have to be desexed. Is there a health reason he has to be desexed or is there a way to get the other one to drop if it is there. Sadly he will be no good as a show dog while like this.

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    Dogs with Cryptorchidism should be desexed and definately not bred because its genetic and theres a chance it will be passed down. Dog with Cryptorchdism also have a higher risk of testicular cancer.

    Unfortunately for you, no he is no longer show worthy..
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    What Myf said...
    There were ways you MAY have been able to fix it had you asked earlier but now your only option is desexing.

    If you paid for a show quality Dane then contact the breeder and ask for a partial refund to make it pet price rather than show.

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    Bugger. Thanks for the reply

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    Hi, we have and 8 month old great dane x bullmastiff x bull arab and he has the same problem, like it is there but it hasnt dropped to where it is spose to be? Is there anyway of bringing it down??

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