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    Question Dry Skin

    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum, I got a rottie X from rspca last week and finally got to take her home two nights ago

    Anyway, she is 9 weeks old, and was desexed (I was advised is ok to do earlier now as no difference) and she is doing so well I couldn't believe it!

    I noticed when we met her the first time and since then she has flakes in her coat mostly on the back. I checked for anything out of the ordinary but just appears to be dried skin, she scratches a bit but not excessively and sometimes fleas herself, but no fleas and up to date on flea prevention.

    Since she's been desexed, we have to keep her dry for another 8 days and I feel terrible this must be annoying her. Anything I can do in the mean time to help the dry skin? I haven't started her on any oily foods or anything yet just dry food. I want to give her something but afraid it's too soon.

    Anyone had a similar experience?

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    You can try adding tinned fish to her diet. Tinned sardines or mackerel from the supermarket.

    The fish oils can work wonders for dry skin.

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    Hi Nattylou,

    Thanks for your reply. Would you know what a "safe" amount to feed her would be for the first time? and would this be everyday?

    I've never needed to bring up pups before, parents always did so feeling a bit cautious.

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    Is that her in your avatar? (she's very cute!)

    The fish can't hurt her, but like adding anything to diet it can change what's coming out the other end if too sudden...

    I'd try her with a tablespoonful in her meals for the first day, and increase from there. She probably should have eaten a tin of sardines within a few days to get some benefit from it fairly quickly.

    Dogs normally relish it, and many owners feed a tin of sardines to their dog a couple of times a week.

    Another good relief (dog showing trick!) for scurfy black coats is brown vinegar. Normally you would just tip it over the dog when they were wet after a bath and let them dry. But seeing as you're keeping her dry, you can try dipping a bristle brush into some and brushing it into any particularly dry spots. That way she'll just get a damp spot and dry while you're brushing.

    It only smells like fish n chips until it dries...

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