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Thread: Desexing Dramas

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    I've put aloe vera on my own cuts. No it doesn't sting.

    But if you put your cut finger in your mouth - it tastes very bitter. Worse than lemon peel or ear wax.

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    I have used Aloe Vera plant on my BC when she had sores and it worked very well, but then I read that Aloe vera is extremely poisonous to dogs so please be careful when using it.

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    She had a play with her toyboy today, I kept an eye on them, they were playing quite rough, but a checkup afterward assured me shes fine, shes havinga a big rest now LOL, so shes ecstatic. First time in 7 days she has probably actually felt tired.

    Thanks for the idea on the cooking juices, I will try that. The food is never left there long...when Benji comes into the kitchen for his short visits, he hoovers down any food in sight LOL, that dog seriously has a bottomless stomache. Hes also filled out a little more since I got him a week ago, its amazing what a veried diet rather than plain supermarket kibble does. His coat is looking a lot more alive too, and the Aloveen just came so I think after a shampoo he will look like a completely different dog from the one who first arrived here!

    I also found my local horseland has the weatherbeeta dog coats on special (half price) so got a hold on two coats for the furkids (The Kennel Deluxe coats) so will go down and pick them up in the morning. I think I will wait till the stitches are out before putting it on Lila though as it has a cover up wrap going across the belly area...better safe than sorry, I don't want to snag anything.

    Lila doesn't mind anyway, she could probably sleep in the middle of snow LOL, Benji however shivers at the first sign of cool air....and he has a longer coat PMSL.

    Ah well, thats my update for now

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