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    I just want to let people know who have APBT/AST or X's thereoff and people with Greyhounds, that babesia desiese IS in Australia, most vets do not recognise the symptoms and treat for something else.

    only 14 cases I know about in the APBT, but i dare say these dogs were the ones picked up and diagnosed with it.
    I dont know about cases in the greyhound, but greyhounds are not my fancy.

    Just be aware is all. It usually only affects the above breeds, and is transmitted by tick bite or by mixing of blood, so dogs getting into a kennel scrap with an affected dog is likely to pass it on.

    Just google babesia gibsoni and relative babesia. For info on babesia, symptoms and treatment..

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    Thanks for the info. It sounds like anyone with a diagnosis hovering around haemolytic anaemia should request a test for this one.
    Especially in APBTs.
    I'd never heard of it before.

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    Absolutly, 3 more cases in Central Qld recently that i heard about, unfortunatly many vets dont know what to look for but awareness is on the increase and that can only be good.

    If only more people know as a quick diagnosis is invaluable for treatment.

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    Thanks for the heads up Beau, I'll pass this on to our group and others that need to be aware. I'll also read up about it as I've never heard of it.

    Can I ask how you have heard about this, is it confined to any particular area of Oz, etc.

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    The links I found suggested there was an outbreak in pit bulls in Victoria - in 2001 (and some more since then) and it's related to ticks or infected mothers passing it on to their puppies before they're born.

    And that outbreak was a bit mysterious in origin, given tick bite is not a major problem in Victoria.

    I don't know why greyhounds would be prone bit O/S that does get mentioned.

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