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    Hi everyone...

    The reason for my post is that my precious dog pasted away recently from a heart murma. I bought a new set of meds for him just before he past but never got around to use them. They can be very costly and I thought i'll post for ppl who are currently using these meds who like to buy it at a cheaper price from me. I am willing to post them too.

    I have:
    Vetmedin 5mg chews (just over 100 tablets -but some of them have been divided into 1/4's) Selling for $120
    Urex - about 50 tablets Cut into halves -Selling for $15
    Aldacton about 50 tablets cut into halves - Selling for $15

    I can count it properly if you like.

    Feel free to contact me if you are interested.


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    Hi Lee,

    This thread has been closed.

    Vetmedin should only be administered to dogs who have been diagnosed with heart disease and have been given a prescription from their veterinarian.

    Although I know full well that an equivalent generic product can be purchased almost anywhere ( or your pharmacist if you can swing that one) to offer them for sale here is illegal. I'm sorry.

    I could suggest that you speak to your vet and discuss the possibility of them taking them, but as it sounds like the packages have been opened, that's not generally legal or ethical from a veterinarians point of view.

    I'm very sorry to hear about the passing of your dog.

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