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Thread: Welt Like Lump on Rear Leg

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    Default Welt Like Lump on Rear Leg

    My dalmatian pup has a welt like lump on his hind leg, it's red and the hair has fallen out in the area, its about the size of a 20 cent coin. I have taken him to the vet she did a skin scrape but found nothin and just gave me some very expensive illium ointment and tablets, the lump is still there even after a week of tablets and cream.

    Does anyone know what this might be? I dont want to go to vet again she doesnt seem to want to help only take my money

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    I would try another vet if the one you have seen is disinterested.

    Not having seen the welt ( are you able to take photos to show us?) it is hard to say much but from what you have said my first thought is Ring Worm.
    In which case treating with some Canestan cream will see it cleared up.

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    Do you have a picture of the welt Jackie? I doubt if its ringworm, the vet would have picked that up straight away. Too many cases of it.

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    I agree Sheltie but perhaps the vet didn't test thoroughly as jackie mentioned she seemed only happy in taking her money.
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    True, but this sounds like an allergic reaction to something. Try using Benadryl and iodine. It usually does the trick.

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    My dog used to get lumps roughly like you described.
    He was a staffy x bull terrier and my parents spent thousands on him, trying to get rid of them. Some of them looked like hard lumps and others looked like boils but never burst.
    He used to get injections to calm them down and in the end my parents got a blood test ($$$) and luckily found the cause.
    His illness for about 4 o 5 YEARS was an allergic reaction to insect bites, mainly mozzies and with that they brought a can of mozzie repellent and sprayed him every time he went outside and problem solved!
    If they are persistent I would try the insect repellent to see.
    If I saw the pics I could definitely tell you if it was the same sort of lumps.

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