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Thread: Something Wrong With The Stool??? Here's A Few Quick Tips On What You Can Do...

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    Default Something Wrong With The Stool??? Here's A Few Quick Tips On What You Can Do...

    Hi everyone!

    I thought I should try
    and gather some information
    about what you can do if you
    notice anything unusaul in your dog's stool.

    If you notice anything unusual with your dog's poo,
    you obviously have to go to your local vet and get your dog
    a thorough check. They are the experts on the field and you
    should always go and see them before doing anything else.

    You need to find out what's causing the initial problem.
    It may not necessarily be a food intollerance or something like that
    but it may be a result of a lot of other reasons.
    Once you know what is causing the problem,
    you need to find foods without that ingredient in it.

    It doesn't have to be colitis if you notice that there's blood in your dog's stool.

    You may want to get her
    treated for lungworm rather than
    mess about with her food. Pups should ideally
    be wormed monthly up to 6 months. So as I mentioned above,
    you have to find the cause before doing something else.

    However, I'm going to make
    this thread about things you
    can do if you're noticing blood
    or something else unusual in your dog's stool.

    What I've found is that some dogs
    don't do well with rice, though it's the best
    tolerated cereal around. You will often be adviced
    to put your dog on a rice and chicken advice if there's
    a problem with the stool. But there's actually a lot of dogs
    that cannot tolerate chicken, so then it's obviously not good
    to feed them chicken!

    What you can try is
    feeding your dog fish and rice instead.

    There are alot of food
    out there that are suitable
    for dogs with some kind of intestinal problems.

    Another thing I've come across is tree bark powder.
    What this does is that it slows down the passage of
    food through the gut as well as soothes and helps to repair.

    When you manage to slow down the digestion-process the stool
    will become better as well. If your dog's stool are runny,
    you can get a paste from the vets to help firm up the poo.
    This paste has a good gut flora added to help.

    You can try to add a
    vitamin or a mineral supplement
    to her diet as well.
    I know this has helped in some cases.

    Some dogs has a very bad wheat allergy
    and if your dog is one of these the
    digestion won't work as well as it should.

    If this is the case, for the love of god,
    start to give her wheat free food.
    «Well, OF COURSE!» you might think.
    But what I want to bring to your attention here
    is that someone might be giving your dog treats
    when you have your back turned.
    Tell your friends about the wheat allergy so they won't
    give her treats. Make sure they really understand the problem
    wheat will cause to your dog and I'm sure they won't give her
    anymore treats she's not ok with.

    You can put a muzzle on your dog
    to be sure that no one gives her anything
    that's not good for her when you're out walking or something like that.

    Some dogs are just very food sensitive.
    Therefore it's important you educate yourself
    about dog food and nutrition when you got time.
    Experience is the key to success here,
    and as soon as you find something that's working,
    stick with it and learn from it. Remember what didn't work so well
    and maybe try to slowly introduce your dog to that food again when
    you've got her stomach to settle down a bit.

    If you found out which ingredients
    that are good for your dog,
    you might want to do some research into
    foods with similar ingredients as which you're using now.

    I'm saying this because it might be food
    out there that's very similar to what you're using now as well as cheaper.

    Dog food can be very expensive
    but it's so important that you get your dog the right food for her.

    It's cheaper in the long run feeding your dog
    with correct (but expensive) food than having
    to get anti biotics etc from the vet to control problems with your dogs guts.

    Note: It's not good to keep changing food for a puppies digestion.

    Another thing to think about is the protein level.
    Some dogs can't take high protein foods and is far
    better on an adult lower protein food.

    Some good products I've come across is:

    Wainwrights salmon and potatoe
    Dorwest herbs: Tree barks powder
    Arden Grange and Orijen
    Fish4Dogs cod & potato
    Skinners duck and rice
    Skinners salmon and rice
    Probiotics (different kinds)

    Tip: You can try to get samples from companies before committing to big bags of food.

    Hope this information is valuable to you guys!


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