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    As many of you are aware,i wish to be prepared very well for my pup when i get him/her. I wish to cover all bases if i can. Having googled i have come across many sites about Pet Insurance.

    Which pet insurance is the best?

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    I feel that which pet insurance policy is the best reslly comes down to the individual and their needs.

    For example, some policies will offer you a monetary refund on loss or death of dog. that could be a VERY important pulling card if one has spent thousands in purchase price, but may not matter at all to someone who has paid a small amount to buy their dog.

    Each company offers lots of differences if you read the fine print enough. It als ocomes down to money, and if you have insurance policies for other things such as car, home, contents etc, sometimes those ocmpanies may offer a substantial discount if you do your pet insurance thorugh them.

    So, reasearch, reasearch, research - then decide what is best FOR YOU.

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    Hey Red,

    Good thinking mate, I think Pet Insurance is a must. I found some good info from the past which is still relevant. Check them out for some good info:

    Thought they might help.

    Cheers, Josh

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    Choice did a review - published June 2009

    Pet insurance policies review and compare with

    They broke it down into about four categories, with different levels of cover and excess (ie you can pay up to the first $500 and reduce the annual cost of your premium).

    There are some policies that add on to home and contents, but they don't have a big pay out. I think I was a bit shocked - like the proper policies will pay up to $15,000 (conditionally) a year, but others max out at some tiny amount that wouldn't even cover the cost of getting the dog to vomit what it should not have eaten at the dog park.

    If you do a site search, I think I posted some of the results in here.

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    Definitely agree with doing your research - insurance policies vary so much and you don't want to get a shock when you actually need to use the insurance!
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    I don't do pet insurance. I am lucky enough to have the funds available should they be needed. Many also have a pet fund account that they regularly put money into.

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