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    Hi all, my Boarder Collie bitch has a problem, probably not according to her, she got a wound just below her eyes, just a graze, a while back, and I need something to put on it to stop her constantly licking it, as she won't give it a chance to heal. We used to use a cattle pink eye spray ages ago on our dogs to stop this as it tastes so bitter, just wondering what would be the thing to use?.
    The other Boarders have no problem in regard to it being a skin condition, that would effect them, it's just a small area however I'd like to get some advise on something that would keep her from annoying it.
    She's in great condition, works and enjoys life, just it's something I can't stop her tongue from getting to..


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    Where is the graze? I am trying to figure out how she is consistently licking just below her eye

    Get a hold of some "epi opic" ear and skin cleanser and clean well avoiding the immediate eye area, 'Neocort' is a great all round anti bacterial, anesethetic ointment.


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    Sorry for delay in getting back, it's on top of her snout , below her eyes where she has hit something, probably getting under a fence, just likkable. Will, try some of the stuff you mentioned.. Thanks..

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