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Thread: Licking a Dog's Ear?

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    Default Licking a Dog's Ear?

    Hi there. Any thoughts about why a dog would incessantly lick another dog's ear? (for a long time) - No ear issues, clean as. The recipient of the licking sometimes looks like 'why is this going on, get me outta here'. But only occasionally gets up and moves. The licker i admit is the more dominant dog.

    Strange question but thought someone might have an interesting insight?

    Cheers, Josh

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    Have a look at this thread. Might be something similar?

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    ^^^^^was going to say the same.

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    Thanks Cat - that was cool to read.
    I'm really interested in the point about the dog excreting pheromones through their ears which tells the other dog they are submissive to the other? I'm going to have to google this as i've never known that?
    Thanks for taking the time to reply, gives me something to think about.
    cheers, Josh

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