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    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I'm new to these forums and also new to being a dog owner. My name is Chloe and I live in Melbourne Australia.

    I have come for some help, My Retrievador Puppy (3 Months) Is not feeling very well, she has been having diarrhoea (4 between last night and this morning) she has also been vomitting, she vomitted last night whilst at my mums, and then twice during the night.

    I am so worried about her, I rang my vet (who i've been advised is a 24hr advice service) and they just said $145 bring her in. I feel so bad but unfortunately I cant afford to take her due to paying rego and insurance, I can take her on Monday night at the earliest.

    She seems happy, she wags her tail and she plays with her toys, Yesterday I tried to feed her lunch and she didnt eat it all, which I thought was strange, And then the same for her dinner and her breakfast this morning. she is drinking alot of water though...

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?


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    I really do think she needs to see the vet asap. It sounds like a blockage in which case she can deteriorate really quickly. I had a Rottweiler as a kid, a rather big boofy one, he got an internal blockage and it really killed him within about 24-48hrs. Its very serious. Ring and speak to your vet re the cost/ explain your situation and your girls symptoms, many vets (especially if you have been tehre before and you know them) will give you an account if your animal is in urgent need of attention

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    Hi Charli3,

    You need to get your puppy to the vet asap. Puppies go down like a tone of bricks very quickly with gastro problems and they should be taken very seriously. Certainly this is a priority.

    Has your puppy been vaccinated? and when was the last shot?

    Is there any traces of blood in her poo?

    If you wait it may be too late to treat your puppy succesfully, it will cost you a lot more money believe me and she could be put at risk.

    Your vet should treat your puppy in an emergency if not go to someone who will...just explain your situation and the urgency.

    I hope all goes well, let us know how you get along...


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    I'll just echo Billy's post.

    You're puppy needs to see a vet asap!
    It could be Parvo , in which case the sooner you get bub to the vet , the better chance he has at surviving.

    Can you borrow the money ?
    Find a different vet?

    Sorry,but puppy needs a vet.
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