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Thread: Medication Products Vs Weight NEED HELP

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    Default Medication Products Vs Weight NEED HELP


    Leo is 24-25kg, he has been on the heart guard GREEN chewables for the past 6 months, but just ran out this month and am ordering some more. The Green pack does 12kg-22kg, the brown pack does 23kg-45kg. Same with Advantix, he currently uses advantix large dog 10kg-25kg, but there is also Extra large dog 25kg+.

    Should I up him to the meds for the 25kg+ range? As he is only 9months as well so i worry as he is on the bottom end of the larger pack weights....

    Can someone give me their opinion?

    Ordering for him today on line as well as a staffy ball so am really excited (About the staffy ball) and want to place my order LOL HELP!

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    I'd go with the pack for the heavier dog

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    Yes , I would perhaps go up a bracket as well
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    hmm, thanks guys. Actually ended up ringing my vet in the end for a quick check, he suggest to go up the next time after he is 1yr so thats what i have done (As i really wanted to place my order quick and get my staffy ball, as there was only 2left in stock!) LOL

    Thank you for your replys

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    Wish i had of gone up now though! After hearing that from both of you....

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    Never mind , the next time will be around before you know it and if you get concerned during the period it really wont hurt to do him a little early
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    Yeah, doesnt matter. My vet had said while he is on the fence of weight range, he isnt a big dog in stature as such (Measuring around 17 inches tall) and as he is 9months so felt would be best to go up a dose next time. All good.

    Cant wait to get my parcel now, want to show Leo his new ball

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