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    Hi one and all,

    im a proud owner of a 14 week old lab cross cocker. I have been feeding him eukanuba puppy kibble food since ive got him as thats what the breeder fed him from the beggining. I also try and give him some cooked meat whenever i have leftovers from my dinners (obviously i try stick to his daily calorie intake taking care not to overfeed him).

    now the question i pose is the so called 'super premium' dog foods in Australia like eukanuba, iams, royal canin are actually considered a barely 1 star food on many many sites ive come across on the net (one being Dog Food Analysis - Reviews of kibble). and they are all ridiculously overpriced.

    It is costing me a fortune feeding the little fella at the moment, and i can only see it getting worse. Is there a better or comparative cheaper food on the market i can get him onto ?? for eg. Purina. (yes i know its a bit worse then the others ive mentioned earlier, but they too are pretty crappy apparently). I have been thinking of getting him onto purina instead, and just making sure i supplement him regularily with cooked chicken/beef/lamb etc.

    Would love to know your thoughts from all you experts!


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    hey i heard that Artemis is a good food so i'm using that now and can't complain.

    Check it out urself


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    Each dog is an individual and some thrive on one food where others don't.

    My only recommendation is that whatever new food you introduce happens slowly so as not to upset a young puppies stomach.

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