My Charlie is Rhodesian RidgebackxRed Heeler. I've read that Heelers tend to get destructive when they're left alone, and both are clever, energetic breeds. We live in a small rural town.

I'm leave for school at 7:00 A.M and arrive home anywhere from 4:30 to 7:00, depending on what day it is.

That leaves him at home for around ten hours or more, and by the time I get back I'm bloody exhausted.

I walk him for an hour, 5 km on most days, and about 7 km a day on the weekends, but he really does get bored, and until my lazy stepfather- who doesn't work- secures the fences around our property he has to be tied up or left on the veranda.

He gets destructive, and it's not fair that he should depend on an hour's walk each day for excitement. He has to be kept under the house at night because we can't have him escaping, 'cause he'll chase sheep and cause trouble.

Here's the question:

until my stepfather secures our property (hah), how can I keep my dog busy?