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Thread: Lump in Neck??

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    Default Lump in Neck??

    i have a maltese x jack russell who just has gotten his yearly vaccination done about 2 weeks ago. I've just noticed that he now has a lump on the back of his neck about 4-5 cms big. It doesn't seem to be sore when i touch it - but just wondering if this could be an effect from his vaccination or if i should be more concerned - cancer etc??

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    Is the lump in the same vicinity the injection site was?
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    it was in the same area as the injection, but i've never had this before for all the other injections that he's had in the past.

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    My 20 week old puppy got a lump just like you described after her second lot of vaccines. It took one to two weeks to completely dissapear. I was worried about it too but the vet assured me it was normal.

    Maybe call your vet and ask about it?

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    Is it soft? Like it has fluid in it?
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