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Lets take yesterday for instance, last night before bed it was a couple of slugs, throughout the day their roughage is the seed pods or whatever those spiky balls are that fall from the liquid amber tree, they all devour them, a spiny lizard, I know I tried to save him but they are always on the bricks, dirt, lots of oranges and limes, a couple of banksia tree men a candle from SD14's room and that's just what I saw.

Vet's advice sounds like crap to me. Obviously a raw food diet should be carefully balanced but a dog in the wild will be eating meat from the moment they're on solids, no question.
I fed my dogs pretty much exclusively on Science diet (don't get me started!) for the first year I had them and now they're thriving on raw food. And it might be coincidence, but Pedro's 'eye snot' has all but disappeared - he used to have constant goo in the corners of his eyes and 2 lots of antibiotic ointment didn't do a thing to clear it up