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    Default Sunscreen?

    I have read that doggies with pink noses are at greater risk of sun cancer and that you can get sunscreen for them.

    I also know that Asharri mentioned this when talking about one of her puppies pink eyes.

    My question is...can you use human sunscreen or must it be special doggy sunscreen.

    Also, if their nose is pink and black (mostly black) is this needed?

    Our trip to the beach got me thinking about it!

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    “Zinc is toxic to dogs and can cause GI (gastro-intestinal) upset and life-threatening anemia, so products containing zinc should be avoided. There are pet-specific sunblocks available that are designed to be safer for dogs and cats. If using a human product, choose one made for babies that is fragrance-free, and observe the dog closely until the product has dried.”

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