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Thread: Dangers in the Garden for Puppies?

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    Question Dangers in the Garden for Puppies?

    Hi there, This may be a silly question, but my puppies are constantly chewing on my herbs and vege leaves.

    Are there any herbs, that can be dangerous? and I dont spray them so there are no insecticides or anything.

    Thanks for your advice :-)

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    Thank you so much for that reply! I will be throughly searching the net!

    Thanks Again :-)

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    I have two potted Gardenias out the back the dogs were chewing on the flowers yesterday! I just saw that they can be posionious! and they also like to chew on my Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme and Basil.
    great information links.....Ta

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    An old thread - but some links for dangerous/poisonous items around the home for our pets:

    Pet Poison List - List of Pet Toxins for Dogs and Cats

    DEPI - Toxic Plants for Dogs

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    I've got some really toxic plants in my back yard but my dog doesn't eat them.

    A good plant that is edible and tough - is salt bush. Lots of different varieties to choose from - from ground covers to upright old man salt bush that makes a nice hedge if you clip it and you can use it instead of spinach in your cooking...

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