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    We have just adopted an 11 year old Chihuahua, Mickey. He is a lovely dog - and from all accounts really healthy. He has come to us with a brand new box of advantix as well as excelpet all wormer and heartworm. Our other dog Max is on advocate and an additional worm tablet. My question is - do I need to keep Mickey on the advantix or can I change him over to advocate?

    Sorry if Im not meant to mention brand names.

    Also, Mickey keeps lifting his leg and peeing on everything in the house - is there anything I can do to stop this?

    With thanks
    Simone, Max and Mickey

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    Hi I'm sorry I don't know a thing about the difference in the worm treatments, and although I dont profess to be an expert on anything, I do know a thing or two about male dog behaviours Having had mainly male dogs, and having two male dogs (one given to me as an adult) I think I know what your problem is. I'm guessing that Mickey isn't sertelized and your male dog isn't either? If this is the case, then there lies the answer to your question as to why he is peeing everywhere He is just marking his territory where your male dog has been, it is his way of saying " Hi I'm Mickey, nice to meet ya" Marking Territory Cartoons
    There is no easy answer to this problem that I know of, and getting poor old Mickey sterelized at his age would probably be of no benefit anyway. It's quite possible that the poor old fella has never been an inside dog also. There are commercial sprays that you can buy, or there are plenty of natural remedies available via good old google, but personally none of these things have worked for me. All I suggest is letting Mickey know that this is not something that pleases anyone when he does this and praising him with a treat when he goes outside. With my dogs they soon got the message when they were booted outside with a good telling off, after marking territory, that it was not acceptable Likewise give praise and a treat when he pees outside. Dogs are not stupid and catch on quickly usually. Like I said I'm no expert but I hope this helps you

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    Thanks so much for your advice :-)

    Max has been fixed - but as you thought Mickey has not - and not something we feel we need to worry about at his age now lol

    We have been letting him outside more and slowly the problem is getting better - still happening but not as often. Mickey is used to being an outside dog more and Max has always been an inside dog so thats where they differ.

    After speaking with our vet he says we are fine to change to the advocate - shouldnt make any difference so that makes us feel better too.

    Thanks again Netrad

    Simone, Max and Mickey

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    Your most welcome Simone, glad I helped a little I think it's wonderful that you have taken on such an old boy, a lot of people wouldn't It makes me so mad when I see old dogs that have been disowned, it's awful. Thank god for people like you

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    Hi Simone,

    I am sorry, i spent ages writting a reply yesterday and it disapeared!!

    Mickey is "scent marking" which is a natural behaviour in a new environment, esspecially a new home.

    You need to ensure all areas Mickey has urinated on are spotlessly cleaned with an enzyme based cleaner, vinigar and water or bicarb and water.
    This is to eliminate his scent so that he is not attracted back to that spot.

    Close off some areas of the house to restrict his movements, this way it is easier to suppervise him.

    Take him outside evey hour or so, give him a verbal cue such as "wee's" wait for him to go and then say "wee's"!! "good boy" and reward him with a treat.

    When you return inside watch him like a hawke! If you are busy or distracted put Mickey on a lead and attach it to your clothing.

    If you observe Mickey sniffing, head down, circling or walking back and forth in the same place he is considering marking. Use a low toned voice :arh,arh,arh and take him quietly outside. Repeat the reward process.

    If he does mark (you must see him) again arh,arh,arh and put him into a small safe area such as the bathroom for time out while you clean up the wee.

    With good consistency and patience you will all have it down pat in no time.

    I would highly recommend desexing Mickey and regularly have dogs Mickey's age and older desexed. There are good reasons for this.

    It will greatly reduce the chance of testicular cancer in males (testicular cancer in male dogs is not uncommon, esspecially as they age)

    It will help him settle and natural dominent behaviour sofftens.

    Eliminates the potential for unwanted litters, even an old dog is sexually active. A fellow rescuer recently saved a 13 year old terrier who was heavily pregnant.

    If you decide to desex your vet will ensure Mickey is a candidate for surgery beforehand with a check up.

    I have had 13 year old dogs desexed, and they have been absolutely fine.

    You are a wonderful dog owner, and Mickey is blessed to have such a beautiful forever home. It takes a truly special family to adopt older dogs.
    I adore the oldies, they have such an enormous amount to give, such wise souls with a wealth of experience under their belt.

    Congratulations! Oh, let us know how you go.....

    Best wishes,

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    Default Aging Chihuahua

    If you have a stock of medicines you might as well finish them and them
    switch brands. I see no harm if the brands are switched.

    The new dog is marking his territory and there are some commercial sprays available that can be sprayed at some corners of the porch to help the dog identify spots and stick to them.

    Also using a strong anti dog urine odor spray and regular disinfectant will help.

    Lastly please ensure that Mickey is taken out for walks every two hours.

    If this also does not help, please see to it that a routine and microscopic exam of the urine is done to ensure that there is no infection in the urine. Hope this helps.

    Check out more on Chihuahua characteristics and health problems.

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