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Thread: Pom with Sore Leg/s

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    Default Pomeranian Luxating Patella?

    Yes a luxating patella is the first thought to cross my mind or even a
    rupture of the cruciate ligament. Your veterinarian needs to check these two out very thoroughly.
    Being a small dog, a modified Robert Jones bandage might solve the problem if applied fast and it stays on for 3 weeks.
    If after this it does not solve the problem a surgery will have to be
    attempted. Best to get back to the vet asap.

    Learn more about Pomeranians and their health problems

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    Being a small dog, a modified Robert Jones bandage might solve the problem if applied fast and it stays on for 3 weeks.
    I have done this a few times with my wee boy. It works fine for a while but always go abck to how it was.
    I have been putting off surgery for him as he is quite old now, and if it is really a bother he just lifts the leg and gets on with it. Never cross or miserable but obviously in discomfort.
    He does not go for long walkies now, just short strolls and he likes to chase his cat, so thats a thing with the leg at the moment, if the bandage is on he generally chases the cat slowly.....haha...little dogs are so complicated with that surgery.

    I am glad your little girl is doing well !! Legs are a real issue arent they !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by redwallylegs View Post
    Legs are a real issue arent they !!
    Oh, LEGS - for sure they are.

    On the plus side, given all the things that could go wrong, I'm mindful that this is/was fixable. I was in a really bad position with this for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the leg was more dislocated than not, so I had a real sense of urgency. Secondly, she was cranky and snappish - so the pain was getting to her. Then there was a number of differing opinions from vets - we ended up seeing four before we found someone we thought was giving us good advice and explaining what was going to occur properly. I've also had a dog die during an operation and finally, because there was no 100% guarantee that it would succeed. But...if she made it through and it didn't succeed the vet said that they could re-operate and pin the knee. So the vet that took the time to explain everything and cuddled our girl while he did - did the op for us and she's fine. In fact she tried to over do everything and being a pom is prone to prancing and twirling around in cirlces - which gives us a heart attack. But, clearly she's doing really well.

    We have to get the other leg done in a couple of months and then, as she's survived operations, I'll get her desexed. She is an 'inside' dog only and I've been too scared to get her desexed (that was when my other dog died -I was a child at the time but it's stayed with me).

    It's been rather 'cute' around here - she has little steps everywhere now so she won't jump and hurt herself. Holly is actually my 14 year old's dog, but after the op we organised a small enclosed space so that she couldn't walk much and when we brought her home she sat in it, head wobbling and nodding off - clearly still under the affects of the anaesthetic - and crying. We thought we had to persist so we sat with her and patted her and she'd nodd off then we'd get up and try to go to bed (her area for the night was in our bedroom) in the end I couldn't do it anymore and we created a barrier around our bed and she came up and slept with us - I swear I didn't move a centremetre during the night and had the aches and pains to prove it. Holly didn't either. She was so tired. She's now returned to her mother's, my daughter's, room and bed. I miss her - but that's the role of the grandma - I guess.

    I know some will think I'm crazy. I don't care.. She's such a beautiful little girl and she makes us very happy.

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    You arent crazy, mad or anything else.

    Doggy love is wonderful.........

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    And worth it all!!

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