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Thread: Vet Visit

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    Thanks AGB! I will remind you when I drop her off sat morning! will probably be there at 8.30am but I will MSG you when we leave our place! would it help you if I portioned out her dry food as her mince is portioned and frozen?

    I have to wait two weeks from today to take her out don't I? She met a few children at work last week! There were only 5 left on friday Arvo so I thought it was a good opportunity! They all sat down and were given strict instructions to let Poppy come to them and not them reach out to pat her. That worked very well!

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    Hehe what a proud mum you are amy! Your excitement just leaps out in your words.

    In My Home Dog Minding

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreysAreGreat View Post
    Hehe what a proud mum you are amy! Your excitement just leaps out in your words.
    Aww! Thanks Greys! I knew I would enjoy having a dog but I guess I never knew how much! OH works shift work and is at work 2 out of 3 weekends so its really lovely to have a companion!

    I forgot to say... I asked my vet about what to use for ticks and she said that nothing is 100%. She said I could use Frontline Plus but since I'm already using Advocate I can't use both. And she reccomended the collar but Im not okay with Poppy wearing one just yet. She LOVES to chew and if she chews the collar it can kill her. She said that checking Poppy regularly, especially after going for walks through the bush (yep, I do that a lot...NOT!) is the best thing unless I live on acerage...which I don't.

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    Poppy shouldn't be able to chew her own collar, you cut off the excess. I have to be careful what dogs I put the collar on because the young whippets have been known to chew each others hound collars if I leave them on.

    Gemma wears a Preventix tick collar 24/7 and they have never touched it, this might be because they wouldn't dare annoy her or because they have more brains than I give them credit for and wouldn't chew something that would taste horrible.

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    aww good girl Poppy, your mummy sounds as proud as punch & rightly so.

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