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Thread: Do You Use a Regular Tick Preventitive???

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    Default Do You Use a Regular Tick Preventitive???

    If you live in an area with ticks do you use a regular tick preventitive? If so what?

    At puppy preschool tonight we learnt about ticks. I didn't even realize hey were in our area. Was a bit of an eye opener!

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    I am the queen of tick prevention.

    Advantix and Frontline
    For paralysis tick it needs to be applied fortnightly, not monthly and there are still no guarantees. Nothing beats a physical body check.

    The tick can take up to 3 days to die on the dog from Frontline or Advantix so if the dog gets multiple ticks over a couple of days regardless of Advantix or Frontline the dog can still go down with paralysis tick poisoning.

    Applying it to small dogs you can just put it on the neck. For large breeds, especially coated breeds it is recommended to put some behind neck, some halfway down back and then some above the tail. All from the same application.

    No amount of garlic or anything else will prevent ticks.

    Tick collars.
    I have had more success with tick collars and can recommend the Preventix collar. Rarely do they (tick) attach and only cost $10. They are meant to last 2 months but I replace them every 6 weeks on the setter. I also let them air for one day before putting them on the dog.

    Downside is it is not waterproof and after Gemma's swim today she had a new one put on her. If you remove it to wash the dog you will not have coverage for 24 hours. They smell like minted chemicals.

    If you find a tick remove it fast, don't wait, don't fuss with it. Fussing with the tick will make it "inject" more poison. Don't worry if you leave some of the head in. Worry about it later. The dog at worse will get an infection the same as if any foreign body was imbedded in it's skin but there will be no further poisoning from the tick.

    If you find one tick, keep searching. Chances are you'll find another.

    Head, neck and shoulders are the most common areas for ticks to attach, but they can be anywhere. And I means anywhere.

    I could keep going on, but you probably heard it all at puppy class.
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    I use Frontline on Floyd every 2 weeks for paralysis ticks & do a nightly body check after our walkies.

    Floyd's vet told me not to be too concerned about paralysis ticks as we are not coastal region, but i still would rather prevent with Frontline & body checks than take a risk & not prevent etc.

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    I use either Frontline Plus or Advantix.

    I check my dogs, because we have already found a paralysis nymph (the growth stage before adult paralysis tick) on Sumo. We are in a high paralysis tick region here.

    Remember to check in the ears...ticks can sit in there too.

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