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Thread: How Much to Feed

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    Geez, I'm quickly shutting the computer in case my dogs can read. They would pack their bags and move to your place if they could.

    Mine got kibble tonight, same as last night. Tomorrow I'll go and get them some bones to have for Tuesday night then it will be back to kibble again.

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    I turned meal times into a game for a few of my fosters, this may help you

    I had one who was seemed scared of eating. He arrived here weighing just 10kgs when he was supposed to be around 25kgs.

    The Dinner Game:

    Prepare the food with the dog watching, have some biscuits for yourself on hand. The whole time say to the dog "whats all this? is this your dinner? are you a hungry boy?" in a very high pitched, excited happy voice. It's exhausting, but worth it. Then when dinner is prepared take two biccies with you hold them in your hand behind the bowl. Don't let the dog sniff them out on you!

    Take the bowl and the dog (still talking) to where you are feeding the dog, eat the biscuits, making it look like you took them from the bowl (I've always found them to want whatever I'm having more than anything else) and finish eating them before you put the bowl on the ground and allow the dog to eat.

    If the dog stops to early and hasn't finished I usually start the same happy voice and say "aren't you hungies? you need to finish it". I tap on the side of the bowl, say "whats this" "finish it" again VERY happy! When the dog continues to eat praise heavily.

    This is what I do with my fosters, I don't know if it will work for you, but I hope it does! Don't try it unless you feel comfortable though!

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    I got a sunbeam electronic scales model PS4200 a couple of years ago so I could weigh my travel luggage. You stand on it holding your luggage - and it zeros at that weight, and then you step off, put your luggage down and step back on and it tells you how much your luggage weighed in negative kg. Or you can stand on it and stay there until it zeros out on your weight, step off and pick up the dog if she hasn't wised up to what you're doing and nicked off... and step back on to get her weight, but sometimes it's hard to see over her wriggy butt. Hence the other method - zeroing it out with her on board.

    Great things.

    Or you can do what I did this morning - visit the local vet and use their scales. Most wil let you visit on a regular basis as long as you are a customer (pay them money occasionally). Our local vet has the scales in the hall so you can walk in, say hi to the receptionist, put the dog on the scales, and nick off without disturbing anybody.

    Frosty had to have the vomit injection this morning cos she ate something hard and crunchy I didn't know what it was - and turned out to be roast chicken bones. Silly hound. I figured $70 for the vomit injection and antidote was cheaper than a $2000 operation to have her gut operated on if the bones got stuck. Might have got away with it, and might not.

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